Save energy in your vehicles with autonomous refrigeration!

Urban delivery is at the heart of two contradictory phenomena :

On the one hand, the explosion of home delivery, a phenomenon accelerated by the health crisis. These deliveries individualize the circulation of goods over the last few meters and result in an increase in logistics flows


On the other hand, the desire to develop green, quiet urban spaces with better air quality and less traffic congestion where logistics should finally… fade away…!

New organizations are being set up :

  • with the creation of logistics spaces on the outskirts of major cities;
  • clean delivery vehicles are being developed: electric, NGV, cargo bikes and scooters;
  • structures and services are being set up to facilitate the reception of parcels: delivery at staggered hours, relay points, lockers, pedestrian drives, pooling of collections from local merchants, etc.

In addition to the challenges of urban logistics, there is the challenge of maintaining the temperature of heat-sensitive, fresh and frozen products. COLD & CO is at the heart of this challenge and develops cold chain solutions for the last mile.


Looking for a large, fully insulated volume ?

Our large refrigerated containers of the CarryTemp XXL range have been designed as an alternative to the refrigerated truck. True ATP certified removable cold room, our CarryTemp XXL isothermal containers can be easily slipped into the back of your commercial vehicles, temporarily or permanently, according to your needs in fresh or frozen deliveries.

We help you to equip your commercial vehicles with a removable cold room and cupboard


Need a small volume of fresh or frozen products ?

We suggest a range of coolers and isothermal boxes from 5 to 360L that can be easily slipped into the back of your utility vehicle.

Understand that the same isothermal container can be used to transport positive cold (fresh products) or negative cold (frozen products). It is the choice of your cold source, the refrigerant also called eutectic plate, which establishes the temperature range. Our isothermal boxes can also keep your food and dishes hot with hot eutectic plates.


CarryTemp Classic

From 5L to 40L, MedicalCases are mainly used to secure the temperature of thermosensitive pharmaceutical products up to 48h.
From 84L to 360L, CarryTemp Classic ATP certified isothermal cases maintain the temperature of your thermosensitive products up to 96h.

Make your choice according to your needs


Already equipped with handling boxes ?

The 600 x 400 handling boxes, also called stackable distribution boxes, are very frequently used in home delivery logistics. COLD & CO proposes a trick to transform these distribution boxes into isothermal boxes. The solution consists in lining the inside of the handling containers with two flexible isothermal inserts that fit together in a U shape and cover the 6 sides of the box, allowing a secure delivery for 12 hours.

Turn your cases into an isothermal box 


Individual orders to be shipped fresh or frozen ?

The OneDay fresh or freeze isothermal bag has the particularity to work like a refrigerator on the move. Pre-frozen, the walls of the bag will generate cold waves allowing to keep the goods fresh or frozen for at least 1 hour. Its ergonomics and its autonomy make it an ideal solution to adapt to the new modes of delivery in the city center: pedestrian drive, delivery by bike or scooter, in addition to your standard vehicles.

Use our isothermal cooler bags