CarryTemp XL 6

Do away with refrigerated trucks! With CarryTemp XL6, autonomous and light refrigerated cabinet, make your refrigerated deliveries by sliding this autonomous refrigerated container in the back of your delivery vehicles.

Works with :

ATP certified in category C (-20°C) and D (0°C)

Ideal for autonomous cold logistics

Compatible with commercial vehicles >5m3


Carry temp XL6 - isothermal cooler - cold chain -COLD&CO

The CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet is ideal for logisticians who do not have sufficient refrigerated transport solutions. As an alternative to a refrigerated truck, to the rental of a cold vehicle or to the irreversible conversion of your vehicle into a refrigerated isotherm, the CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet can be easily slipped into your utility vehicle to temporarily transform it into a refrigerated vehicle.

The CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet also meets the needs of artisanal producers – fishmonger, butcher, cheesemonger, pastry chef – looking for a large refrigerated capacity. For example, the CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet is used by a cheese maker to transport his wheels of Comté cheese or by a pastry chef to transport his assembled pieces.

The cyclo logistics company also uses the CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet to deliver fresh and frozen products to retailers and consumers in the city center and hyper center.

How it works

This large volume (600L) refrigerated isothermal cabinet does not have a mechanical or electrical cooling unit. Designed with a highly insulating material – polyurethane – this insulating cabinet blocks hot air from entering. Temperature maintenance is ensured by the addition of eutectic plates previously frozen which will release the cold during transport. This combination of insulation and refrigeration makes this refrigeration solution completely autonomous.

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Vehicule compatibility

To equip a van such as Fiat Doblo / Peugeot Expert / Citroën Jumpy / Nissan NV200 / Opel Vivaro, choose the CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet. Its format has been specially designed to fit in the back of your vehicle. During your deliveries, access your dry goods in the side door and your fresh goods in the rear door. 

isothermal container-mobile-sensitive products-carrytemp-XL6
removable isothermal container-thermosensitive products-carrytemp-XL6

Usable volume

The CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet has been designed to hold 6 crocodile boxes, these logistic handling boxes with a floor size of 600×400 mm and a height of 310 mm. Its total internal volume is 600L.

rigid-removable cooler-thermosensitive products

Weight end handling

rigid-isothermal-mobile cooler-sensitive products

The CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet has an overall weight of 30kg. As a comparison, roto-molded insulated containers with the same volume have a weight of 70kg to 100kg. Its low weight, combined with 2 carrying handles on its sides, make the CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet easy to handle to position it in the back of your vehicle.

Commodity Transportation Regulations - ATP Certified

The ATP – “Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be used for such Carriage” – governs the transport of fresh and frozen foodstuffs in France and between European countries. The CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet has been ATP certified and is approved in category C (-20°C) and D (0°C) to transport fresh and frozen food products. The CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated cooler is supplied with the ATP compliance plate and the manufacturer’s plate according to the current regulations.

ATP certification - regulated transport - security - delivery


An aluminum plate fixed to the ceiling allows to receive 2 eutectic plates previously frozen. Aluminum being a good conductor of cold and cold air having a natural tendency to go down, this tray will play the role of cold diffuser engine. A spontaneous convection will settle inside the CarryTemp XL6 insulated cabinet allowing to ventilate the temperature of your fresh products.

The interior of the cabinet also features textile pockets that allow you to add up to 6 additional plates.

These additional eutectic plates allow to increase the duration of your cold chain or, in case of strong heat, to fight against hot air entries which would be too important.

Isothermal container - eutectic plate - carrytemp - coldandco
rigid-insulated-removable cooler-sensitive products

Thermal performance

The lambda ʎ coefficient of thermal conductivity of the polyurethane guarantees a high isothermal quality of the CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet allowing a temperature maintenance that can reach 72h* (*depending on the conditions of use). 

It is the choice of the number of eutectic plates used inside the CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet that determines the duration of temperature maintenance. COLD & CO will help you to set up the CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet according to your needs. 

gel eutectique-GN1/1-produits thermosensibles


MedicalCase Pharma-insulating material-cold expert-COLD &CO

The CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinet has been designed with a robust and waterproof PVC coating allowing easy maintenance. The cleaning is done with a soapy water cloth without bleach possibly followed by a disinfection with a food disinfectant wipe without rinsing.

Excess moisture can be absorbed with a dry cloth or by natural drying. Between uses, remember to air the cabinet by leaving the doors open. 


The CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated cooler is made of a robust, impact and compression resistant material. Polyurethane is both moisture-proof and rot-proof. Perfectly suited for cold logistics, it is not affected by cold and wet conditions or micro-organisms.

isothermal-insulating-removable container-sensitive products


Our CarryTemp XL6 refrigerated isothermal cabinets have been developed by COLD & CO thanks to the double expertise in cold chain and urban logistics. They are 100% manufactured in border countries.

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