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Sneak up to the last meter, in the heart of downtown

Cyclologistics, or bicycle logistics, is multiplying to transport goods over the last few kilometers using professional bicycles – cargo bikes or trailer bikes – with or without electrical assistance. In line with the energy transition, this logistical transition favors a soft delivery in downtown areas: noise pollution close to zero, air quality respected, traffic decongestion, parking reduction, delivery to the last meter in pedestrian areas and historic city centers.



Need lightness and a large capacity ?

COLD & CO’s CarryTemp refrigerated containers are high performance isothermal boxes. Delivered with ATP approval, the CarryTemp refrigerated container complies with the French and international regulations in force concerning the hygiene and transport conditions of perishable foodstuffs.

CarryTemp XL9

CarryTemp Classic

CarryTemp XL6

Robust, washable, removable, CarryTemp is very light: its extremely low weight to volume ratio makes it a real asset for transporting large volume fresh or frozen goods by bike.

Choose from a range of CarryTemp insulated containers

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For an individualized cold delivery ?


If you opt for containers dedicated solely to the delivery of fresh products, the Distrifresh isothermal box from COLD & CO will fit on your cargo bikes and bike trailers.

Organize your deliveries with the Distrifresh professional isothermal box

Punctual cold delivery ?


The 600 x 400 plastic crate is a recurrent logistic unit in home delivery. Still called crocodile box, these plastic containers exist in several heights of which the most common are H310 and H365. Some logisticians wish to keep this logistic unit to move from one mode of transport to another until the final delivery point.

In the case of delivery under controlled temperature, a trick consists in adding an insulating insert inside the croco box. COLD & CO has developed a flexible insert, the CottonInsert, which fits into these logistic crates without the risk of breakage. The CottonInsert consists of 2 elements that fit into the croco box in a U shape.

Gain flexibility by transforming your own handling crates into isothermal crates

Only a few fresh products to protect ?


Ideal for the delivery of fresh and frozen food in small volumes, the OneDay Fresh and OneDay Freeze bag from COLD & CO is an isothermal bag that diffuses cold. Its technology ? It has a thin layer of gel on both sides of its walls. Pre-frozen, the OneDay bag diffuses its cold battery and thus ensures an autonomous cold for your bike deliveries. The OneDay Fresh version keeps fresh products between 0°C and 4°C while the OneDay Freeze keeps frozen products at a temperature below -16°C. In addition to a delivery of dry products, the OneDay Fresh or Freeze bag slips easily into your cargo bike and offers a cold chain in complete autonomy and mobility.

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