Isothermal bag Oneday Fresh & Freeze

ONE DAY, the only insulated bag with built-in cooling! With integrated cooling on the walls, the ONE DAY insulated bag is ideal for keeping your goods continuously chilled.

One Day Fresh and Freeze bags are sold
in packs of 15 units(15, 30, 45, etc.)

Works with :

Long-term cold and frozen storage

2 in 1 solution: bag + cooler

Reusable solution



The ONE DAY isothermal cold diffuser bag has been designed for the food e-commerce actors who are looking for a self-contained solution for an express cold delivery at home.

The ONE DAY cold diffuser bag from COLD & CO is ideal for :

  • Guarantee the cold chain of your fresh and frozen products
  • Hourly delivery systems: this isothermal cold diffuser bag, previously frozen, is a clever back-up solution to avoid the need for a refrigerated truck that is unavailable at the last minute
  • Last meter urban delivery: this cold diffusion bag is perfectly adapted to the new soft delivery modes in the city centers: pedestrian, delivery by bicycle and scooter, clean vehicle…

Constitution and Functioning

The ONE DAY isothermal bag is a metallized isothermal bag composed of a multi-layer structure (metallized PET film – expanded PE foam – white inner PE film certified for food contact according to the 1935/2004/CE and 10/2011/UE regulations) in which a thin layer of refrigerant is inserted, evenly distributed on the 2 sides of the bag

This technological innovation considerably increases the isothermal and refrigerating performance of the bag while keeping a light weight.

To take advantage of the great performances, this bag must be previously frozen to load the refrigerant which will then fully diffuse its cold energy during your cold chain.

ONEDAY- gel-insulation-packaging-bag

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An isothermal cold diffuser bag for fresh and frozen food

The ONE DAY isothermal cold diffuser bag is available in 2 temperature ranges:

ONE DAY FRESH is dedicated to the transport of fresh products, between 0°C and 4°C

ONEDAY bag- fresh-cold chain-packaging

ONE DAY FREEZE is dedicated to the transport of frozen products at temperatures below -16°C

cooler bag-freeze- delivery- integrated gel

Instructions of use

isothermal packaging-frozen-COLD&CO
  1. Store your ONE DAY FRESH bag in the freezer (minimum 24h)
  • Use a -18°C freezer for the ONE DAY FRESH bag
  • Use a -30°C freezer for the ONE DAY FREEZE bag
  1. When the walls of the bag are fully rigidified, the ONE DAY isothermal bag is ready to be used
  2. Load the bag with your fresh or frozen goods
  3. Close the bag with the handle
  4. Deliver your goods
  5. Organize return logistics with your customers to reuse your ONE DAY cold diffusion bag


The ONE DAY cold diffuser bag has a simple and ergonomic design.

A large opening allows you to easily slide your fresh and frozen products, especially in cold rooms where operations are carried out with thermal protection gloves.

Order picking operations are optimized with this isothermal bag whose refrigerant is directly integrated into the walls of the bag. As an integral part of the bag, there is no risk of forgetting the coolant! The coolant does not mix with the goods. From an operational point of view, you limit your references of non-merchandise products, since a single reference groups the bag and the coolant.

isothermal bag-hard handle-thermosensitive products-food

A reusable refrigerated cooler bag

oneday bag-fresh-freeze-isothermal bag-packaging

The technology of the ONE DAY refrigerated bag is reusable. Like a cold battery, the bag can be refilled as many times as possible in the freezer (only physical or hygienic deterioration of the bag can limit its life span).

Its closing system – an integrated handle with a spike – allows multiple openings/closures. A return and reuse logistics can therefore be set up with this ONE DAY refrigerated isothermal bag.

Eco-responsible manufacturing

The ONE DAY refrigerated cooler bag is a clean polyethylene/polyester bag, 100% recyclable. It is manufactured in a border country in one of our partner factories in a company that cares about its environmental impact:

  • Strong policy of waste reduction
  • Use of 100% recyclable PE, 100% recycled waste
  • No release of pollutants into the environment
  • Strong investment in a printing technology with water-based inks without the use of solvents,
  • Self-sufficiency in electricity following the renovation of the existing hydroelectric power plant

Fresh – 15 unités, Freeze – 15 unités

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