Cold guide

What to know about passive cold, the cold chain, regulations, the use of eutectic plates…?
COLD & CO, the cold chain expert, explains it all to you !

When we talk about temperature, we are most commonly talking about hot and cold. For the transport or delivery of heat-sensitive products, this notion of temperature is essential to ensure the structural integrity of these products.

But how does it work? What is the impact of temperature on a given product? How can an isothermal container limit the impact of temperature? Does cold have the same impact as hot on certain products ?

As an expert in the cold chain, COLD & CO will accompany you and explain how it all works !

While an isothermal container is used to transport any type of product at a controlled temperature while limiting the loss of temperature between its internal temperature and the external temperature, refrigerants have a completely different purpose. 

Whether we are talking about flexible or rigid eutectic gels, eutectic plates, cold blocks or the famous “ice bar”, the function will always be the same: to be the engine of temperature production once inserted inside an isothermal container.

COLD & CO explains how a eutectic liquid works, what a PCM is and how to choose it, why it is necessary to associate them with an isothermal container or how to pack and use a gel or a eutectic plate !

Urban logistics is taking an increasingly important part in urban space today and, whether it is the cities or the companies established in these urban territories, all are aware of the importance of adapting to these new uses, with the preservation of the environment and the limitation of its environmental footprint as a background. 

But what do we mean by “urban logistics” ? What are these new uses imposed by the transformation of cities and the consumption of their inhabitants ? How do logistics providers, delivery companies and transporters adapt? And how can these activities be associated with environmental protection ?

Discover all the answers to these questions and how COLD & CO brings its solutions to these problems !