Guarantee the quality and temperature maintenance of your fresh and frozen food products while taking advantage of cold logistics adapted to your activity!

Whether you are a craftsman-producer, a restaurant professional, a wholesaler or a quality logistics manager in a food company, keeping your food products cold is a real challenge:

  • How can you ensure an efficient cold chain and a guaranteed temperature maintenance ?
  • How to promote and communicate on your activity of local products, crafts or delicatessen requiring a respect of the cold chain ? How to ensure an efficient cold chain and a guaranteed temperature maintenance ?
  • How to develop direct sales of your fresh products via the Internet and your e-commerce activity for fresh products through high-performance, secure and eco-friendly cold parcels ?
  • How to face the environmental stakes with soft urban deliveries, without emissions or via biosourced packaging more eco-respectful ?
  • How to face the production peak of fresh foodstuffs ? the refrigerated deliveries which result from it, the refrigerated contingencies ?
  • How to ensure your cold logistics independently, without a refrigerated truck and with a low budget ?
With more than 20 years of experience in the last mile cold chain and refrigerated transport in city centers, COLD & CO presents a range of self-contained refrigerated isothermal containers to face these most common challenges.


Store and transport your fresh or hot food products?

Distrifresh is the ideal professional isothermal crate for the storage and transport of your hot or cold food products.

You are a professional in the catering industry or a pastry chef, baker, chocolatier, butcher, delicatessen chef, fishmonger and you are looking for isothermal crates to carry out short transport links between your production, storage and delivery sites? Opt for the PPE Distrifresh professional isothermal crate.

COLD & CO offers a wide range of professional isothermal crates for cold and hot deliveries over distances of less than 80km:

  • The isothermal boxes with front opening and guide rail will be ideal to transport and keep cool pastries, pastries, platter of cold cuts and cheese, … without risk of crushing.
  • The top opening isothermal crates will be adapted to the delivery of your cold food products packed in bulk, your food trays with cover (sushi type tray) or your meal trays with protective cover. Fruits, vegetables and cut flowers that are sensitive to shocks and temperature variations will also be easily protected and transported in these Distrifresh top opening isothermal crates.

The Distrifresh is perfect for short deliveries 


Need a refrigerated shuttle?

Choose from the range of CarryTemp insulated containers

  • Whether you are an artisan producer in the food industry or a supply-chain manager at industrial food sites, the refrigerated logistics of your fresh products is often a headache:
  • How to transport your fresh and frozen products between your different sites: supplier, food R&D laboratory, production, storage, point of sales?
  • How do you deal with variations in the volume of goods to be transported? with the seasonality of your production? with unforeseen events?
  • How do you transport your bulky fresh food products (wheels of cheese, pastries and pastry shells, etc.)?
  • How to ensure the maintenance of cold temperatures on mobile sales points and on markets ?

Investing in a fleet of refrigerated trucks, renting refrigerated vehicles or using external cold storage service providers is not always simple and profitable.

COLD & CO offers you a flexible and efficient solution allowing you to gain in autonomy for a low investment: the CarryTemp range. The CarryTemp refrigerated boxes are available in isothermal refrigerated boxes and removable cold rooms and can be easily slipped into the back of your standard vehicles. ATP certified, the temperature of your fresh and frozen products is guaranteed in compliance with the regulations for periods of up to 72 hours and without distance limitation.


The isothermal bag ? A must-have

Bring visibility to your customers by offering a food isothermal bag printed with the image of your activity or simply with your logo.

If you are an artisan producer (creamer, cheesemaker, butcher, delicatessen, fish and seafood shop, seafood caterer), GAEC or a large-scale food retailer, opt for a customizable advertising isothermal bag with dimensions adapted to your products. Your customers will be able to pack, transport and protect the fresh products bought on your markets, in your point of sale, store and checkout of your businesses and department store.

COLD & CO offers a wide range of customizable cooler bags – from 5’000 units – with many possible options: capacity, gusset, handle, metallic effect, recyclable material, kraft paper coating, integrated cooling gel, bottle holder.

An accessory bag personalized to your image, ideal for the visibility of your brand! Contact us for more information.

COLD & CO also offers a wide range of neutral cooler bags of all capacities. Consult our range of neutral isothermal bags in stock to define your needs.

Boost your brand with a customized cooler bag


An eco-responsible isothermal package ?

How to offer a shipment of your heat-sensitive products while respecting your CSR charter of eco-responsible packaging ?

This is the challenge that COLD & CO wanted to take up by proposing a real ecological innovation: the eco-friendly isothermal Fresh Paper Pack. Remember these main advantages:

  • Fresh Paper Pack is a single-material isothermal package made of 100% renewable bio-sourced material, wood fiber;
  • Effective against temperature variations, Fresh Paper Pack allows you to maintain your temperatures up to 36 hours;
  • Delivered flat, your transport and storage is optimized and does not contain any vacuum!
  • Easy to assemble thanks to 2 identical shells that fit into each other to protect the 6 sides of your isothermal package.

The Fresh Paper Pack – the perfect ecological asset for this thermal protection package


Shipping of cold packages ?

Looking for isothermal protection and effective insulation for sending cold packages ? Looking for a refrigerated parcel for your online business, direct sales over the Internet, shipping food products or food safety samples, sending gourmet parcels ? Opt for the Fresh Box or Fresh Box Plus refrigerated isothermal packaging.

Practical, well insulated and space saving, Fresh Box and Fresh Box Plus insulated bags offer many advantages:

  • A very high isothermal performance with a temperature maintenance up to 48 hours;
  • A quick and easy assembly to cover the 6 sides of your cardboard boxes;
  • A flat delivery to save space during transport and storage;
  • Waterproof and food contact compatible;
  • European manufacture in the respect of the environmental standards;
  • Recyclable product.

Fresh Box – the efficient and practical way to send your fresh products