Isothermal bag

Offer your customers neutral or personalized isothermal bags to pack and protect their heat-sensitive purchases and guarantee the integrity of your products.

The 8L format is sold in lots of 250 units (250, 500, 750, etc.)
The 13L, 20L and 27L sizes are sold in lots of 100 units
(100, 200, 300, etc.)
The 38L size is sold in lots of 50 units (50, 100, 150, etc.)

Works with :

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Ergonomic closure

Ideal to transport and protect your fresh products

Robust and waterproof


cool bag -20L- COLD&CO-packaging

The isothermal bag is commonly used for the transport of fresh or frozen products as well as for the transport of hot food by:

  • the actors of the mass distribution,
  • craftsmen-producers: creamer, cheese maker, butcher, delicatessen, chocolate maker, pastry cook, fish and shellfish maker, seafood caterer,
  • caterers, greengrocers and GAEC

who wish to offer their customers an isothermal bag to transport and protect their heat-sensitive products bought in the store, on the markets and at the checkout.

Constitution and Performance

COLD & CO’s insulated bags are composed of a multilayer structure: metallized PET film – expanded PE foam – white inner PE film. This structure and composition is certified for food contact according to the regulations 1935/2004/CE and 10/2011/UE.

This protective isothermal bag allows you to maintain the temperature of your products for periods ranging from 30mn to 1h30 (depending on the design chosen and the conditions of use).

It is possible to increase the temperature maintenance time by adding eutectic gels.

isothermal packaging-bag-thermosensitive products

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COLD & CO offers a range of standard isothermal bags in the following dimensions :

For a custom-made production from 5’000 units, the possible dimensions are :

  • Width up to 95 cm
  • Height up to 67 cm
  • Gusseted bottom up to 16 cm

Closure and Handles

COLD & CO insulated bags have 3 types of handles :

freezer bag - fresh products - heat wave

ZIP closure with cut-out handle

isothermal packaging-frozen products- grey

Rigid handle with spike

freshness bag - nesting handle - frozen products

Rigid handle with nest


The isothermal bags of COLD & CO are declined under 3 types of bottom :

cool bag-thermosensitive products-insulation-delivery

Single weld bottom

fresh bag-sensitive products-insulation-package

Gusseted bottom

cool bag-thermosensitive products-insulation-packages

Removable rigid flat bottom


fresh bag-sensitive products-insulation-delivery

The personalization of your cooler bag with the image of your activity or simply with your logo is possible under the condition of a minimum of 5’000 to 10’000 units depending on the chosen model. The printing is guaranteed with water-based inks and without any solvent.


The manufacturing of our isothermal bags is entirely carried out in our partner factory according to the quality standard ISO 9001/2008 located in border country.


8L – 30x35cm – 250 units, 13L – 42×22+14cm – 100 units, 20L – 40×50+8cm – 100 units, 27L – 52×50+8cm – 100 units, 38L – 32×48+20cm – 50 units

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