Isothermal packaging Fresh Box Plus

COLD & CO’s Fresh Box Plus is a revolutionary isothermal package because it offers a very high isothermal performance in a small footprint.
The Fresh Box Plus range is 20mm thick and is ideal for shipping ultra-fresh products that are particularly sensitive to temperature variations for 6 to 48 hours. Fresh Box Plus is currently available in 3 volumes: 6L, 12L, 23L.

The 6L size is sold in packs of 120 units (120, 240, 360, etc.)
The 12L format is sold by batch of 90 units (90, 180, 270, etc.)
The 23L size is sold by lot of 60 units (60, 120, 180, etc.)

Works with :

Delivered flat. Small storage space.

Reinforced insulation for shipping your products that are highly sensitive to temperature variations

Easy to assemble. Flexible structure, easily adapts to your cardboard boxes


COLD & CO’s Fresh Box Plus range of isothermal packaging is used by professionals :

  • delicatessens who wish to send temperature sensitive food products such as macaroons, foie gras, caviar, smoked salmon, chocolate
    artisanal food producers who wish
  • to deliver directly their food products such as fish and shellfish, meats, delicatessen, cheeses and pastries
  • companies who wish to send gourmet baskets to their customers or employees
  • the medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and animal health sectors who wish to ship heat-sensitive health products such as vaccines, clinical trials, therapeutic products, insulin, blood derivatives
  • Analytical laboratories for water and food sanitary controls within the framework of the evaluation of animal products and products of plant origin.

How it works

COLD & CO’s Fresh Box Plus insulated packaging consists of two components:

  • an isothermal pouch delivered flat
  • a shipping carton

The Fresh Box Plus insulated packaging is combined with cold accumulators, called gel packs or cold gel bags. To guarantee the temperature maintenance of your heat-sensitive products, it is necessary to associate an isothermal container, which slows down the heat exchanges between the outside and the inside, with the previously frozen gel pack, which plays the role of cold engine.

(To know the right quantities and references of gel packs to associate with the Fresh Box, download our sheet “4 steps to compose your refrigerated package” )

Insulating packaging-23L- flat pack- packages- heat sensitive products

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Freshbox Plus-3 volume insulated flat-pack

COLD & CO’s Fresh Box Plus insulated packaging is made of a low density polyethylene (LDPE) double envelope lined with a 20mm thick PU foam offering a very high isothermal performance.

Delivery and assembly

The isothermal pouch is a flexible element that is delivered flat and takes shape in your cardboard box with a simple stroke of the hand. Its flexible design allows a reduction of the storage volume divided by 10, a real advantage compared to rigid polyurethane foam isothermal boxes.

Insulating envelope-48L- packages- heat sensitive products
Insulating packaging-23L- flat pack- packages- heat sensitive products
insulated packaging-24H- package- carton- refrigerated-freshbox-8L


Isothermal package-24h- 48h- sensitive products

COLD & CO’s Fresh Box and Fresh Box Plus insulated packaging closes like an envelope with an adhesive strip.


COLD & CO’s Fresh Box and Fresh Box Plus insulated packages feature a fully sealed envelope design.

Isothermal packaging - cardboard - 12L - food

Food contact

COLD & CO’s Fresh Box and Fresh Box Plus insulated packaging is certified for food contact and complies with the European directive n°2002-72 of August 6, 2002 concerning plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Manufacturing and environmental compatibility

Our Fresh Box Plus isothermal packaging from COLD & CO is 100% recyclable. They are manufactured in a factory on the French border which invests in offering more environmentally friendly products and whose eco-responsible actions are manifested by :

  • The redevelopment of an abandoned factory to preserve green spaces
  • The investment in solvent-free printing and production technologies
  • Electrical autonomy through the reactivation of a hydroelectric plant
  • Eliminating processes that cause air emissions and wastewater.

The result is “zero emission” production.


6L – 120 units, 12L – 90 units, 23L – 60 units

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