Fresh soft gel 0°C

Light and economical, the fresh 0°C soft gel guarantees the cold chain of your isothermal packaging with a maintenance between 0°C and 7°C.

The 250 size is sold by lot of 60 units 60, 120, 180, etc.)
The 500 size is sold by lot of 32 units (32, 64, 96, etc.)
The 750 size is sold by lot of 21 units (21, 42, 63, etc.)
The 900 size is sold by lot of 15 units (15, 30, 45, etc.)

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Lightweight and economical

Designed to maintain the temperature of fresh products

Single use



The fresh flexible gel is perfectly adapted to :

  • food industry professionals – delicatessen, food producers, food industries – who wish to deliver refrigerated packages
  • to the medical, biotechnology, animal health, water and food analysis laboratories who wish to ship or protect heat-sensitive products
  • in addition to Fresh Box, Fresh Box Plus, Fresh Paper Pack, self-inflatable isothermal envelope, Coton isothermal envelope
  • in addition to isothermal bags and pouches

Recommended for a single use, it can however be reused if the conditions of use are soft.


0°C flexible gels – also called refrigerants, cold packs or eutectic gels – are a necessary complement to your isothermal packaging. This flexible bag contains a gelled eutectic liquid which, previously frozen, restores the stored cold to maintain the temperature of your fresh products between 0°C and 7°C or between 2°C and 8°C depending on the layout of your package.

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Freezing of Soft Gel 0°C

To restore a cold energy, the fresh soft gel must be previously frozen for more than 24 hours in a freezer at -18°C. The duration of freezing depends on the power of your freezer but also on the quantity of gel that you wish to freeze at the same time. It is advisable to check the state of the gel when handling it. If a soft-flexible state remains, the fresh soft gel is not fully charged. If your gel is completely solid, it is now ready for use.


gel-eutectique-souple-réfrigérant-maintien du froid

The fresh 0°C soft gel consists of a flexible white opaque polyethylene bag certified for food contact, filled with a non-toxic eutectic gel which allows to restore a fixed fresh temperature when defrosted.

The tightness is guaranteed by strong transverse welds.


The eutectic liquid contained in this fresh 0°C soft gel is gelled to obtain a compact consistency and facilitate its shaping during freezing.

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Instructions of use

  • Lay your fresh 0°C soft gels flat in your freezer to give them a more ergonomic shape after solidification.
  • Condition your fresh 0°C soft gels in a cold room at -18°C until complete solidification (at least during 24 hours).
  • If you perceive a soft or semi-flexible state, the eutectic solution is not fully charged. Extend the freezing time.
  • If your products have a low mass and fear a cold peak at the beginning of your cold chain, stabilize your fresh soft gel at 0°C for 30 minutes at room temperature before use.

Lifetime and maintenance advice

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The fresh 0°C soft gel is recommended for a single economic use. However, it can be reused for several freezing/refreezing cycles if the conditions of use allow it. It is however advisable to take care of it:

  1. Store your soft gels fresh at 0°C in a clean and dry place;
  2. Limit the fall of your fresh 0°C soft gels, especially after freezing;
  3. Do not expose your fresh 0°C soft gels to extreme temperatures above +50°C or below -45°C;
  4. Do not pierce or cut your fresh 0°C gels with a sharp object;
  5. Do not wash your fresh 0°C gels in the dishwasher.

Perfect combination

The Fresh 0°C soft gel is a complement to our Fresh Box, Fresh Box Plus, Fresh Paper Pack, Coton postal isothermal envelope, self-inflatable isothermal envelope.


250 g – 60 units, 500 g – 32 units, 750 g – 21 units, 1 000 g – 15 units

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