Self-inflating isothermal envelope

Dedicated to the shipment of heat-sensitive and fragile products, this foam-insulated mailing envelope combines high thermal insulation performance with impact protection and a small footprint.

This product is sold in lots of 20 units (20, 40, 60, etc.)

Works with :

Ultra high performance thermal insulation

Ideal for mailings

Optimized storage thanks to vacuum packaging


COLD & CO’s self-inflating isothermal envelope is dedicated to postal shipping for :

  • food industry professionals – delicatessens, chocolate makers, artisanal food producers, food industries – who wish to deliver flat boxes of heat-sensitive products for direct e-commerce sales
  • the medical, biotechnology, animal health and analysis laboratory sectors (water, foodstuffs, microbiological analysis) who wish to send samples sensitive to temperature variations
  • the chemical sector for the shipment of materials, glue, varnish, fragrance, perfume, aroma requiring thermal protection
  • thermal and mechanical protection of fragile electronic components


The COLD & CO self-inflating isothermal envelope with its high performance flexible foam insulation limits the exchange of temperature between the outside and the inside. To ensure that the temperature is kept cool for more than 24 hours, it is advisable to add two 500g soft cooling gels that have been frozen beforehand.

gel-eutectique-souple- réfrigérant

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Isothermal constitution


COLD & CO’s Self-Inflating Thermal Wrap is a patented compressed thermal wrap technology. Delivered under vacuum, the self-inflating thermal envelope has a high density, high quality foam insulation. Before use, the opening tab of the vacuum compartment must be removed. The foam then regains its insulating thickness of 20mm. This technology is a real asset to optimise its transport and storage before use.

External construction: a robust shipping envelope

The outer coating of the self-inflating envelope guarantees a secure shipment. Designed with a white opaque film on the outside and black on the inside, COLD & CO’s self-inflating envelope ensures the confidentiality of your shipment. Its co-extruded coating makes the envelope waterproof and resistant to punctures, tears and breakage.



The self-inflatable isothermal envelope is easily closed with a flap with a definitive and tamper-proof self-adhesive closure.

Instructions for use

Enveloppe-isolante-autogonflable-strip autocollant


Remove the red tab. The insulating foam inflates and regains its thickness.

Enveloppe-isolante-autogonflable-gel souple


Place your previously frozen refrigerant.

Enveloppe-isolante-autogonflable-produit sensible


Place your heat-sensitive products.

Enveloppe-isolante-autogonflable-strip bleu


Remove the blue tab from the adhesive flap.



Close the envelope by applying the tamper evident adhesive flap to the body of the envelope.


Self-inflating isothermal envelope – 20 units

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