CarryTemp XXL

Easily and reversibly transform your standard utility vehicle into a refrigerated vehicle with the removable cold room CarryTemp XXL. With a volume of 2m3, the removable cold room CarryTemp XXL slides easily into the side door of your LCV or van.

Works with :

Compatible with H2 vans > 15m3

Removable cold room

ATP certified in category D (0°C)


mobile cold room - cold chain - thermal insulation

The removable cold store CarryTemp XXL is used by logisticians, entrepreneurs, retailers, producers as an alternative to the refrigerated truck.

In some cases, the CarryTemp XXL is used as a mini-hub. Placed in a van on the outskirts of ultra-city areas or in parking lots, it allows to maintain the cold autonomously, with the delivery person doing the last few kilometers by bike or pedestrian drive.

How it works

The removable cold room CarryTemp XXL works without any mechanical or electric cooling unit. It is made of highly insulating polyurethane panels fixed on an aluminum frame. The highly insulating performance of polyurethane blocks heat entry. Refrigeration is ensured by adding eutectic plates that are frozen beforehand.

removable cold room - eutectic gel plate - passive cold

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Vehicle compatibility

isothermal chamber-XXL- delivery-fresh and frozen products

The removable cold room CarryTemp XXL is compatible with the vehicles VUL or van fiat DUCATO H2 / Citroën JUMPER H2 / Peugeot BOXER H2 / Ford TRANSIT L2H2. Its dimensions and design have been specially studied to insert it in side door. During deliveries, a double door allows access to fresh goods in the side door while keeping space for dry goods in the back of your vehicle.


The CarryTemp XXL removable cold room has two opening systems:

  • a first double door aligned with the side door of the vehicle allows to unload your fresh goods from the sidewalk;
  • an additional door accessible from the rear of the vehicle allows you to load goods when the vehicle is at the dock.
cold room-XXL- transport-fresh and frozen products
cold room-XXL- transport-thermosensitive products
cold room-XXL- transport-sensitive products

Usable volume

With a useful volume of 2m3, the removable cold room CarryTemp XXL has been designed to accommodate 20 crocodile boxes, these logistic handling bins with a size of 600 x 400 and a height of 310 or 365 mm.

chambre froide mobile XXL caisse croco


removable cold room vehicle

With a total empty weight of 80kg, the CarryTemp XXL removable cold room has the advantage of having a very low weight for a large useful volume. This low weight allows it to be easily inserted in the VUL without significantly impacting the vehicle’s GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).


The interior of the CarryTemp XXL removable cold room is structured with an aluminum frame that can accommodate up to seven eutectic plates previously frozen to the ceiling. 

Aluminum being a very good conductor and the cold having a natural tendency to go down, this frame is going to play the role of cold diffuser engine. A spontaneous convection phenomenon will ventilate the interior of the CarryTemp XXL removable cold room.

The internal walls are also equipped with pockets allowing to welcome additional eutectic plates to extend the duration of the cold chain or to face strong heat.

isothermal chamber-XXL- mobile-fresh and frozen products

Thermal performance

cold room-mobile-transport-thermosensitive products-eutectic gel

The polyurethane has an ultra-high coefficient of thermal conductivity lambda ʎ guaranteeing a high isothermal quality of the CarryTemp XXL removable cold room. It is possible to keep the desired temperature over long periods (up to 72H depending on the conditions of use). Depending on the number of eutectic plates used inside the CarryTemp XXL removable cold room, it is possible to adapt the duration of the temperature maintenance. COLD & CO accompanies you to set up the CarryTemp XXL removable cold room according to your needs.

Commodity Transportation Regulations - ATP Certified

The “Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be used for such Carriage”, also known as ATP, is the agreement which establishes the conditions of conformity of the equipment used for the transport of fresh and frozen products in France and between European countries.

The CarryTemp XXL removable cold room has been ATP certified and has the approval in category D (0°C) to transport fresh food products. The ATP conformity plate and the manufacturer’s plate justifying this conformity is supplied with the CarryTemp XXL removable cold room.

ATP certification - regulated transport - security - delivery


mobile cold room - cold chain - thermal insulation - cold expert

The CarryTemp XXL removable cold room is covered with a robust and waterproof PVC fabric allowing an easy maintenance. Washable with water and a little soap or with food disinfectant wipes without rinsing, the excess of humidity can be absorbed with a dry cloth or by natural drying. Between uses, remember to air the CarryTemp XXL removable cold room by leaving the doors open. 


The polyurethane panels of the CarryTemp XXL removable cold room are robust panels resistant to shocks and compression. Both moisture-proof and rot-proof, the polyurethane covered with a PVC fabric is not affected by wet cold or micro-organisms and is perfectly adapted to cold logistics.

isothermal chamber-XXL- delivery-sensitive products


Our CarryTemp XXL removable cold rooms have been thought and developed by the COLD & CO team, experts in cold chain and urban logistics constraints. The manufacturing is made at 100% in border country.

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