Rigid eutectic gels 0°C

Essential to your cold chain, rigid eutectic gels or 0°C cold accumulators provide the energy necessary to maintain the temperature of your fresh products in coolers and isothermal containers. Our 0°C rigid gels are available in 4 sizes: 200, 400, 600 and 900.

The 200 size is sold by lot of 36 units (36, 72, 108, etc.)
The 400 size is sold by lot of 21 units (21, 42, 63, etc.)
The 600 size is sold by lot of 14 units (14, 28, 42, etc.)
The 900 size is sold by lot of 12 units(12, 24, 36, etc.)

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Designed to resist shocks and punctures, 0°C rigid eutectic gels with white shells are used for fresh products and give a cold between 0°C and 7°C.


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Rigid gels are an essential part of your cold chain. If the isothermal container limits the exchange of heat between the outside and the inside of your isothermal container, the eutectic gel plays the role of a cold engine.

Like a refrigerator whose holding temperature can be adjusted, it is the choice of the type of eutectic liquid contained in your rigid gel that will determine the temperature restored by these eutectic gels.

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rigid gel - p5- cold expert

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Gel eutectique- rigide- chaine du froid- accumulateur de froid

Instructions of use

To restore their energy, rigid eutectic gels must be recharged beforehand at temperatures specific to their temperature range.
To maintain the temperature of fresh products, we recommend conditioning white-shelled rigid eutectic gels for at least 48 hours at a maximum temperature of -18°C.

Follow our packaging advice by downloading our “Instructions for fresh and frozen eutectic plates” sheet.

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Unlike soft eutectic gels which need to be frozen flat to obtain a homogeneous shape after freezing, rigid eutectic gels, due to their solid shell, do not deform. Also, we recommend rigid eutectic gels for intensive and repeated use because they can be placed in cold storage without worrying about their arrangement.


COLD & CO’s rigid cold stores have an outer shell made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) offering very good resistance to impact and compression. The corners are also reinforced for greater strength.
The 900 size shells, which are larger than the 200, 400 and 600 sizes, have 5 anchoring points for greater solidity in use.

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Depending on the eutectic liquid chosen, the COLD & CO rigid gel has an ultrasonically sealed cap or a sealed aluminum cap to ensure a complete seal.

Lifetime and Maintenance tips

Our rigid eutectic gels can be reused without time limit. Like a battery, our rigid eutectic gels can be recharged over many cycles to restore their energy. However, it is advisable to use them with care by following these 5 tips:

1.Store your rigid eutectic gels in a clean and dry place,

2.Limit the fall of your rigid eutectic gels, especially after freezing,

3.Do not expose your rigid eutectic gels to extreme temperatures above +50°C or below -45°C,

4. Do not pierce or cut your rigid eutectic gels with a blunt object,

5. Do not wash your rigid eutectic gels in the dishwasher.


Perfect combination

Our 900 size rigid eutectic gels are perfectly adapted to fit in our MedicalCase Pharma medical cooler.


200 – 36 units, 400 – 21 units, 600 – 14 units, 900 – 12 units

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