Food e-commerce: how to ensure the delivery of fresh and frozen products?

Acteur du e-commerce: Comment livrer des produits frais et surgelés ?

As a player in food e-commerce, you may be wondering how to maintain the cold chain during the delivery process of your fresh and frozen products. COLD & CO guides you to ensure express home delivery!

The delivery of fresh and frozen products: a problematic in 3 axes

The problem of delivering fresh and frozen products is not easy. It brings together 3 different ones: responsiveness, urban logistics and maintenance of the cold chain.


With the implementation of the delivery system within the hour, responsiveness is more than ever at the heart of all concerns. Speed ​​and responsiveness are now essential commitments and are part of the consumer’s purchasing criteria.

Urban logistics

Urban logistics, and particularly that of the last meter, are becoming a real challenge. New restrictions are emerging to promote more eco-friendly city centers: restricted traffic area, ban on diesel vehicles, limitation of noise pollution, delivery time slots … A dynamic to which we must adapt during delivery some products.

The coldchain

Fresh and frozen foodstuffs require special attention because they need to be kept cold. It is therefore essential to develop a delivery technology that allows continuity of the cold chain.

Use a refrigerated cooler bag for the delivery of fresh and frozen products

The use of a refrigerated cooler bag for the delivery of fresh and frozen products is a very good alternative to address all these issues.

Congelez préalablement votre sac  isotherme OneDay pour obtenir un sac isotherme réfrigéré autonome diffuseur de froid.

A refrigerating and autonomous system

The refrigerated and autonomous isothermal bag makes it possible to respond to all the problems raised previously: reactivity, delivery in the city center and guarantee of maintenance of the cold chain. This is how the OneDay Fresh and OneDay Freeze bags were born, after several months of development at COLD & CO.

OneDay Fresh and OneDay Freeze are simple and effective ways to store fresh and frozen food anywhere. This innovation comes in the form of a freezer bag, which functions as a refrigerator on the go.

How the OneDay system works

Thanks to its walls which generate cold waves independently, the goods remain continuously refrigerated. OneDay Fresh and OneDay Freeze are clever bags, the ergonomics of which are perfectly suited to e-commerce deliveries. It is an ideal solution because it allows the delivery of fresh and frozen products in complete autonomy.

The secret? COLD & CO technology with a special eutectic gel, integrated into the walls of the bag. First load the entire bag in the freezer for 24 hours. Once frozen, the bag redistributes its battery of cold and thus provides independent cold for your goods.

Sac isotherme réfrigéré avec des parois diffusant du froid pour le maintien en température des produits frais et surgelés.

Fresh or Freeze, what’s the difference?

The distinction between OneDay Fresh and OneDay Freeze bags lies in your need:

  • To keep your products cold between 0°C and 4°C, opt for the OneDay Fresh bag.
  • Do you want to keep your frozen products at a temperature below -16 ° C? Use the OneDay Freeze bag.

OneDay declines its battery under different cold restitution temperatures. Depending on your needs, the special gel integrated into the walls diffuses cold between 0°C and 4°C or less than -16 ° C.

No more need for a refrigerated truck to deliver fresh and frozen products!

The OneDay bag frees you from the constraints of renting a refrigerated vehicle. When stored in a cold room, your refrigerated bag is immediately ready for use. Thanks to its ergonomics and autonomous cold, it adapts to all the new eco-friendly delivery methods in the city center: pedestrian drive, delivery by bicycle and scooter cycle, clean vehicle …

You still need a refrigerated vehicle? COLD & CO offers you to easily adapt your utility!

Le sac isotherme réfrigéré et diffuseur de froid OneDay Fresh ou OneDay freeze répond au exigences de la logistique urbaine. Assurez une livraison propre et silencieuse en centre-ville.
Sac isotherme réfrigéré et diffuseur de froid COLD & CO. Sac réutilisable par respect pour l'environnement.

Eco-friendly and reusable technology

OneDay Fresh and OneDay Freeze are clean, 100% recyclable polyethylene / polyester bags. Made in Europe and designed in a company that cares about its environmental impact, their quality is guaranteed and their carbon footprint is low.

All printing is carried out without solvent out of respect for the environment. In addition, its technology with integrated cold battery is reusable. Organize a feedback with your customers!