MedicalCase Pharma

MedicalCase is the professional medical cooler that guarantees the temperature maintenance of your heat-sensitive health products. Combined with PCM rigid gels, it allows to keep pharmaceutical products at precise temperature ranges:
Range of fresh health products between 2°C and 8°C with PCM +5 gels
Range of ambient health products between 5°C and 25°C with PCM +20 gels
Frozen range below -18°C with eutectic gels -20
Ultra-low temperature range below -80°C using dry ice

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Maintien en température jusqu’à 96h

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Designed for transporting pharmaceutical products that are sensitive to temperature variations, the MedicalCase medical cooler guarantees that the temperature is maintained for variable periods of time from 6 hours to 96 hours.


rigid cooler -drugstore - thermosensitive products - passive cooling

The MedicalCase Pharma medical cooler has been specially designed for the transport and/or storage of heat-sensitive health products such as vaccines, blood derivatives (plasma, red blood cells, platelets, whole blood), insulin injection pens, oncology products, products for the treatment of glaucoma or autoimmune diseases, biotechnology products; tissues and organs; breast milk, tissue, urine samples, etc.

In the health sector, MedicalCase Pharma medical cooler is used by hospitals, medical analysis laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, medical transport professionals, pharmaceutical distributors, pharmacies, home nursing offices.


The MedicalCase Pharma medical cooler guarantees that the temperature of your heat-sensitive health products is maintained. This medical cooler is designed with a high-performance insulating material: polyurethane. With a very low thermal conductivity, the polyurethane panels strongly limit heat entry inside your cooler.

Rigid cooler-MedicalCase-pharmaceutical

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Tested according to UN3373 – P650 protocols, MedicalCase Pharma medical coolers have a very high resistance to compression, shocks and falls that may occur during transport. These coolers meet the packaging instructions for the transport of infectious substances and category B biological samples.


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The six polyurethane panel sides of this medical cooler are encased in a double external/internal textile cover. The whole structure offers a great robustness while remaining much lighter than the traditional rotomolded coolers. This medical cooler is therefore ideal for manual handling where the weight can be restrictive.

Several volumes

The MedicalCase Pharma is available in 5 formats:

MedicalCase 5L

rigid cooler-5L-health

MedicalCase 12L

rigid cooler-12L-pharmaceutical

MedicalCase 22L

Rigid cooler-22L- transport-vaccine

MedicalCase 40L

rigid cooler-40L-COVID19-pharmacy

MedicalCase 84L

rigid cooler-84L-medical-medication

Sustainable design

Rigid cooler-with handle-thermosensitive product

Polyurethane is a rot-proof material that makes the cooler reusable without the risk of deterioration due to humidity and micro-organisms. The lining covers are made of a robust and waterproof textile. If necessary, the cooler can be easily removed to change the covers.

Liquid tight but gas permeable

The MedicalCase Pharma is leak-proof against any liquid that might spill inside the cooler, but it is still permeable to gas. The MedicalCase Pharma is suitable for the use of snow or dry ice when transporting health products at ultra-low temperatures (below -80°C) because it allows the CO2 gas to escape during sublimation and thus avoids overpressure inside the container.

Closing and Sealing

MedicalCase-glacière isotherme- focus scratch-focus zip

The closure of the cooler is ensured by a zip with double slider and a front flap with scratch. The lid of this cooler remains attached to its base, which prevents the lid from being lost or broken. 

medical cooler - delivery - medical - sealing


Isothermal cooler-5L-kit bridge akilux-vaccine

Two document holders with transparent windows allow you to slide in administrative documents, logistics, mandatory labels or instructions for use.


The MedicalCase Pharma medical cooler is ergonomic thanks to its two textile strap handles that make it portable. Two textile eyelets on the side walls also allow you to add a shoulder strap (not supplied) for carrying it on your shoulder if necessary.

rigid cooler-5L-pharmacy - cold chain
rigid cooler-22L-pharmaceutical - cold chain
rigid cooler-84L-medicine - cold expert


MedicalCase Pharma-insulating material-cold expert-COLD &CO

With smooth, waterproof covers, cleaning is easily accomplished with a soapy water cloth or disinfectant wipes (no bleach).

Holding temperature

The same MedicalCase Pharma medical cooler can be used to transport heat-sensitive healthcare products at fresh (between 2°C and 8°C), ambient (between 15°C and 25°C), frozen (below -20°C) or ultra-low temperature (below -80°C). Indeed, it is the refrigerant that you will add inside your medical cooler that sets the temperature at which your heat-sensitive health products are kept.

drawing thermometer-following temperature-cold expert

Temperature holding time

interior composition - isothermal container - eutectic gel

The length of time your heat-sensitive health products can be kept at temperature depends on the number of coolers you use. Nevertheless, you should know that the MedicalCase pharma medical cooler allows you to keep your products at a temperature of up to 48 or even 72 hours, depending on the format you choose and your conditions of use.

To know everything about the configuration of your MedicalCase, its coolers, its configuration or the number of gels needed to keep your heat-sensitive health products at temperature, our MedicalCase instruction sheet is available!

Thermal qualification

The thermal performance of our MedicalCase Pharma medical cooler has been tested according to the requirements and test method of the NF S99-700 standard “Isothermal packaging and refrigerated packaging for health products – Method for qualifying thermal performance”. This standard was established in 2007 by the French standards association AFNOR in order to recommend a test method to verify the performance of isothermal packaging.

A qualification according to the NF S99-700 standard makes it possible to guarantee the temperature maintenance of the transported products under several parameters:

1. within a well-defined temperature range: between 2°C and 8°C for fresh pharmaceuticals, between 15°C and 25°C for ambient pharmaceuticals, below -20°C for frozen pharmaceuticals, below -80°C for ultra-low temperature pharmaceuticals ;

2. according to a precise duration ranging from 1h to 96h;

3. according to outdoor temperature profiles simulating winter or summer temperature ranges;


5L, 12L, 22L, 40L, 84L

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