Isothermal pouch

Carry your heat-sensitive medications or small temperature-sensitive products with COLD & CO’s flexible insulated pouch, providing thermal protection all the way home.

Isothermal 20x25cm, 32x35cm, 50x50cm and refrigerated 20x22cm are sold in packs of 100 units (100, 200, 300, etc.)
The refrigerated 25x32cm and isothermal plus 25x35cm sizes are sold in packs of 50 units (50, 100, 150, etc.)

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The isothermal pouch is the ideal protection for your small products sensitive to temperature variations, whether they are health products (TSP – Thermosensitive Health Product), biological products or food products.

The isothermal pouch is ideal for :

  • Pharmacy professionals who wish to equip their patients with an isothermal protection of their medicines (vaccines, insulin) from the pharmacy to their home;
  • Hospitals and clinics who wish to transport their pharmaceutical products from the pharmacy of internal use (PUI) to the various internal services;
  • Pharmaceutical wholesalers who supply pharmacies and logistics platforms of hospitals and clinics;
  • Artisanal food producers – caviar, foie gras, pastries, macaroons, chocolate, etc. – who offer their customers to protect their fresh purchases with an isothermal pouch
  • Catering professionals – bars, restaurants, caterers, wine merchants – who are looking for a refrigerated pouch for bottles or a light thermal protection bag.

Constitution and Performance

COLD & CO’s insulated pouch is made of 3 layers: an insulating structure made of expanded PE foam, an aluminized outer film, a white inner film suitable for food contact according to the regulations 1935/2004/CE and 10/2011/UE.

The isothermal pouch guarantees a temperature maintenance of the products on durations going from 30mn to 1h30 (according to the chosen design and the conditions of use).

To increase the temperature holding time, it is possible to add eutectic gels previously refrigerated or frozen.

packaging-isothermal-COLD&CO-gel integrated


The isothermal pouch is available in :

  • isothermal version: bag with a simple insulating structure
  • a refrigerated version: a pouch with a refrigerated gel inserted in the lining of the bag, either on one side or on both sides. This pouch is placed in the refrigerator or freezer to recharge the eutectic gel with cold energy.


COLD & CO offers the following range of standard isothermal pouches without printing:

For a custom manufacturing from 5’000 units, please contact us.



It is possible to personalize your isothermal pouch with your logo or with your company colors from a minimum order of 5’000 to 10’000 units (depending on the model chosen). The printing is guaranteed with water-based inks and without any solvent.


The manufacturing of our isothermal pouches is entirely carried out in our partner factory according to the quality standard ISO 9001/2008 located in border country.

packaging-isothermal-COLD&CO-delivery-sensitive products

Isotherm 20x25cm – 100 units, Isotherm 32x35cm – 100 units, Isotherm 50x50cm – 100 units, Refrigerated 20x22cm – 100 units, Refrigerated 25x32cm – 50 units, Isotherm Plus 25x35cm – 50 units

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