Fresh Conveyor Box

The CarryTemp Fresh Conveyor Box is an insulated box dedicated to the home delivery of temperature-sensitive fresh products in non-thermalized vehicles.

Works with :

Designed for conveyorized order picking

Ideal for home delivery of fresh products in non-thermalized vehicles.

Ergonomic design with easy closing and handling


The Fresh Conveyor Box is an isothermal box dedicated to the e-commerce and food retail industries for home deliveries of fresh products for 12 to 24 hours, without the use of a refrigerated truck.

Its design and conception have been thought to optimize the order preparation process:

  • The eutectic plate is integral with the lid and the whole is designed to be frozen in one piece.
  • Handling gestures are minimized: the closing of the Fresh Conveyor Box and the placement of the cooling plate is done in a single movement thanks to an integrated magnetic system.
  • The positioning of the eutectic plate in the upper part of the box makes the refrigeration very efficient because the cold air is dense and “falls”.
  • The footprint of the Fresh Conveyor Box is 60cm by 40cm and is compatible with most conveyors
  • The high performance polyurethane insulation of the Fresh Conveyor Box provides a real gain in cold load (-33%) compared to traditional PPE insulated boxes.

Instructions of use

caisse-isotherme-livraison-produits thermosensibles


Condition the lids with their eutectic plates in a cold room at -18°C until complete solidification of the plates (at least during 24h).

caisson-isotherme-livraison-produits sensibles


Ideally, store the bases of your Fresh Conveyor Box at the temperature of your heat-sensitive products.

caisson-isolant-livraison-produits sensibles


Load your Fresh Conveyor Boxes with your heat-sensitive products along your conveyor path



Close your Fresh Conveyor Box with the magnetic lid with its refilled plate.

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The Fresh Conveyor Box is available in 2 types of eutectic plates. It is the choice of the eutectic liquid that will determine the holding temperature:

  • the Carrytemp Fresh conveyor Box Green has a P0 eutectic plate giving a cold between 0°C and 7°C
  • the Carrytemp Fresh conveyor Box Red has a N12 eutectic plate giving a cold between 0°C and 2°C

Green Fresh Conveyor Box


Red Fresh Conveyor Box


Refrigeration and Performance

Thanks to its polyurethane panel structure, the Fresh Conveyor Box offers a much higher isothermal performance than traditional isothermal boxes. A single eutectic plate guarantees a temperature maintenance ranging from 12 to 24 hours depending on the conditions of use. The gain in refrigerated load is evaluated at -33% compared to traditional PPE isothermal boxes.


Closing and sealing

conteneur-isolant-produits thermosensibles-colis

The Fresh Conveyor Box has an ergonomic closure that is quick and easy to put on in one step: the lid is attached to the base with an integrated magnetic system.

The Fresh Conveyor Box is completely waterproof.


The Fresh Conveyor Box has a high performance and solid structure made of 30mm thick polyurethane panels embedded in a double waterproof and robust PVC canvas cover.

The interior of the box can be customized with 1, 2 or 3 compartments.

The Fresh Conveyor Box also features 2 side carrying handles.

The eutectic plate is attached to the lid and will not come off.


black cleaning draw

The Fresh Conveyor Box is compatible with the HACCP method: clean all marks of soiling with soapy water or a mild detergent and then disinfect with a disinfectant wipe or food disinfectant spray without rinsing.


The Fresh Conveyor Box was specifically designed by COLD & CO for a major food retailer. This isothermal box has proven itself in terms of robustness and return on investment. It is an economical solution if we consider the complete cycle of use of the product: gain in handling, gain in refrigerated load, robustness and life span of the isothermal box adapted to the conveyors.

It is manufactured entirely in our partner factories in border countries.

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