DistriFresh 600×400 top opening

The Distrifresh 600×400 front opening professional insulated box offers easy access for loading and unloading your food trays, food preparation grids and stainless steel hot or cold food containers. Guide rails make loading and unloading easy and fit many combinations of GN containers and utensils in professional kitchens.

Works with :

Ideal for large volume loading

Cold, hot and frozen temperature maintenance

Design with fully sealed closure

The gastronorm or gastronorm is the standardized measure used for the manufacture of the trays used in the professional kitchens.
The GN1/1 format of our professional isothermal boxes Distrifresh of COLD & CO allows to welcome all the utensils of the professional catering, collective or events (trays, trays). This GN1/1 range is available in four different volumes.

Conteneur Isotherme rigide 600x400 Barth 53L ouverture

The closure of the COLD & CO Distrifresh professional isothermal box is completely hermetic thanks to a sealing lip in which the lid is embedded.


Two recessed and ergonomic handles allow a good grip during loading and unloading.

Conteneur Isotherme rigide 600x400 Barth 53L ouvert

The internal dimensions can accommodate standard 60 x 40cm crates.


COLD & CO’s range of PPE Distrifresh 600×400 top-opening professional insulated boxes has been specially designed for professionals offering temperature-sensitive foodstuffs. For example, our PPE Distrifresh professional isothermal box is used for

  • The transportation of fruit and vegetables from the farm to the consumer,
  • The logistics of products from the butchery, cheese-making, bakery and pastry-making sectors,
  • Out-of-home catering with the distribution of catered meals, cold plates and meals in hospitals or for the supply of canteens, schools, university restaurants and industrial kitchens,
  • Home delivery services of pizza, sushi or take-away meals from restaurants.

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How it works

The professional isothermal box Distrifresh 600×400 top opening of COLD & CO can be used indifferently in cold or hot transport. It is the choice of the eutectic plate, and more exactly the eutectic liquid it contains, that defines the temperature of maintenance. Choose the eutectic liquid that gives you the cold (or heat) you need, charge your eutectic plate according to the time/temperature protocol and place your plate on top so that the accumulated energy releases the desired temperature.

The standard holding temperatures available are: 0°C and -16°C.

Follow our advice for packaging eutectic plates by downloading our “Instructions for fresh and frozen eutectic plates” sheet.


Conteneur isotherme rigide 600x400 ouverture top distrifresh barth 102L (2)

COLD & CO’s PPE Distrifresh 600×400 top opening professional insulated box is made of expanded polypropylene (PPE), a material of choice for thermal insulation. The PPE offers a much higher resistance than polystyrene thanks to its robustness and impact resistance properties. It resists high temperatures, repeated bending and flexing, chemicals and cracking. It does not absorb water and is very hard.

Therefore, the Distrifresh professional insulated box is particularly suitable for intensive use in logistics for the transport of hot, frozen or fresh food requiring dishwasher and microwave resistance.

Robust, light, stable

COLD & CO’s Distrifresh 600×400 top opening professional isothermal box is an expanded polypropylene (EPP) container. It is an isothermal container that has the double advantage of being both extremely robust, resisting falls and impacts during transport, and extremely light for easy handling. This very high mechanical resistance allows it to accept a load almost equivalent to its volume. Its PPE material is also very stable over time which makes this isothermal box durable.

Waterproof and raincoat

The PPE beads that make up the COLD & CO PPE Distrifresh 600×400 top opening professional isothermal case are closed cell. This hydrophobic property of the PPE makes the case totally waterproof and impermeable. The design of the lid has been studied to make the Distrifresh professional isothermal box totally hermetic.

Regulation of the transport of goods - ATP certificate

The COLD & CO Distrifresh 600×400 top opening professional isothermal box is not ATP certified. However, it is perfectly suitable for the transport of perishable goods over a distance of less than 80 kilometers, without breaking the load (i.e. without opening the lid between departure and delivery).

certification ATP-véhicule livraison- contenant isotherme

Food conformity

COLD & CO’s PPE Distrifresh professional isothermal box complies with the EU regulation n°1935/2004 concerning materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. It also complies with EU regulation 10/2011 on materials and articles made of plastics intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. Our PPE Distrifresh professional isothermal crates can therefore contain dry foodstuffs (fruit & vegetables) as well as watery, fatty and acidic foodstuffs. 

Cleaning and Drying

COLD & CO’s PPE Distrifresh 600×400 top opening professional isothermal boxes are dishwasher safe up to 80°C for 15 minutes. The detergents used must be suitable for polypropylene (PP). The outer and inner surfaces of the box can also be cleaned with a soft sponge and soapy water, avoiding abrasive sponges. In case of spillage/contact with grease and oil, we recommend that you clean your PPE Distrifresh professional isothermal box immediately. We strongly advise against the use of “solvent” type products (acetone, alcohol, etc.).

We recommend that the PPE Distrifresh 600×400 top opening professional isothermal box be dried completely after washing. This drying can be done naturally by leaving the container in the open air in a slightly inclined position. Manual drying can also be carried out using absorbent sheets, paying particular attention to the marking and gripping areas.

Conteneur isotherme-Distrifresh-nettoyage-lingette-restauration

Manufacturing and environmental compatibility

pictogramme eco-friendly vert et blanc

COLD & CO’s PPE Distrifresh professional isothermal box is made entirely of expanded polypropylene (PPE). This single material design allows it to be fully recyclable and integrated into recycling chains.

During manufacturing, the EPP beads are injected under pressure without the use of chemical blowing agents. It is not polystyrene! Also, no chlorofluorocarbons are used in its production. PPE is produced without the use of halogenated hydrocarbons or compounds containing lead, cadmium, mercury or chromium.


Our PPE Distrifresh professional isothermal boxes are 100% recyclable and contain no HCFC or HBCD.


Need another format ?

The professional PPE Distrifresh box from COLD & CO is available in several formats :

  • The GN 1/1 format can accommodate standard gastronorm containers from the catering industry as well as GN1/1 eutectic plates in 530 x 325 mm format,
  • The 600×400 format allows to contain larger containers of 600×400 format more commonly used in the bakery and pastry sector,
  • The format with front opening allows to receive directly the grids, plates and baking trays with a front loading,
  • The GN1/2 and Delivery Box format for the transport of individualized meals,
  • The large-volume format for artisanal food producers – fishmongers, butchers, pork butchers, cheesemongers, pastry chefs – looking for large-capacity isothermal containers. 

We have other formats for PPE DistriFresh professional isothermal boxes : 

DistriFresh 600x400
front opening

DistriFresh GN1/1
trunk opening

Conteneur isolant-ouveture top-restauration-produits sensibles

DistriFresh GN1/1
front opening

Conteneur-isolant-Distrifresh-GN11-93L-produits alimentaires- nourriture

53, 80, 105

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