The RunnerBag is the tool for every professional urban courier, whether on a bike or on foot.

It combines robustness with ergonomics and is ideal for transporting your Heat-sensitive Products.

RunnerBag is one of the most effective commercially available insulation solutions designed for use by urban and city-centre couriers. It is designed for single or multi-drop journeys of less than one hour and is suitable for food or pharmaceutical products at ambient, positive and negative temperatures.

This coolbag combines robustness and a large useful volume of 36 litres, and provides thermal protection that is ideally suited to alternative city-centre logistics models (bike, foot, tricycle, scooter).

Tested in our LAB for optimum conservation over a 4-hour period for the transport of foodstuffs (chilled and frozen).

  • Robust
  • Portability
  • Useful volume of 36L
  • Flexible
  • Suitable for positive cold and negative cold
  • Light
  • Custom print

Weight when empty :



36 x 25 x 40 cm


< 4 hours


-20ºC /0°C +2°C/ +2ºC~+8ºC / 15ºC~+25ºC / 65°C

Long namesCOLD & CO ReferencesExternal dimensions (mm)Volume (in litres)Carrying MethodPerformance: Short Run UseFoldableUseColourTextile BagWeight (kg)Unit / boxBox / pallet
RunnerBagGI-RUNB-18COL-BAN36025040036Shoulder strap< 4hyesExpress DeliveryNavy BlueNylon0.81820
RunnerBagGI-RUNB-18COL-DOS36025040036On the back< 4hyesExpress DeliveryNavy BlueNylon0.81820

Complements :



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