Rigid Gels

The robust, reusable, waterproof eutectic plate ensures protection of your products and can be filled with different liquid formulations.

Whatever your pack type, a cold charge such as eutectic gel is invaluable for conserving your fresh products.

COLD & CO uses its gel expertise to offer complete insulation solutions for transporting your heat-sensitive products. 

COLD & CO provides different types of gels which offer unique benefits and features.

The plates or bricks are used in conjunction with a pack, box or coolbag.

Their rugged design includes reinforced corners and anchor points for added strength, and they are fully leak-proof, thanks to ultrasonic welding and high-density polyethylene moulding, suitable for contact with food.

The rigid gel can be filled with different liquid formulas selected to deliver a precise temperature range as it melts, whether negative, positive, ambient or hot temperatures. 

  • Negative cold transport (-25°C / -20°C / -18°C / -12°C / -3°C)
  • Positive cold transport (0°C ~ – +2°C / 0°C ~ +4°C / +2°C ~ +8°C)
  • Ambient temperature transport (+15°C ~ + 20°/ +15°C ~ +25°C) Hot product
  • Transport (+ 65°C)
  • High performance insulators
  • Reinforced, durable, sturdy corners
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic eutectic liquid, in the HDPE food quality range Ultrasonic welds, exceptionally watertight 
  • Comprising water or other phase-change materials (PCM) 
  • All of our gels can be delivered frozen
  • All of our gels can be branded with your logo

Bricks: 200g to 1kg

Plaques: 2kg to 5kg

Plates for containers and coolbags, Gastronorm (GN) sizes.

Item nameCOLD & CO ReferencesLiquidCold releasedLoad temperatureWeight (g)Dimensions (mm) (WxL)Pre-freezing textureUnit / boxBox / palletUnit / pallet
Rigid eutectic gel 200g RE-GER-200G-FRThickened Water+/-0°C-20°C pdt 24h200165*90*25Rigid39843276
Rigid eutectic gel 370g RE-GER-370G-FRThickened Water+/-0°C-20°C pdt 24h370165*90*25Rigid21841764
Rigid eutectic gel 620g RE-GER-620G-FRThickened Water+/-0°C-20°C pdt 24h620175*115*30Rigid14841176
Rigid eutectic gel 720g RE-GER-720G-FRThickened Water+/-0°C-20°C pdt 24h720180*143*36Rigid12841008
Rigid eutectic gel 750g / -20°CRE-GER-750G-NEGPCM -20°C-21°C-30°C pdt 24h750180*143*36Rigid12841008
Rigid eutectic gel 595g / +20°CRE-GER-595G-AMBPCM +20°C+20°C+4°C pdt 24h595180*143*36Rigid12841008
Eutectic plate -3°C GN1/1RE- PL-3NEG-4KGPCM -3°C+3°C / +8°C-20°C pdt 24h4200530*325*30Rigid540200
Eutectic plate -3°C GN1/2RE-PL-3NEG-2KGPCM -3°C+3°C / +8°C-20°C pdt 24h2240325*265*30Rigid1040400
Eutectic plate -12°C GN1/1RE-PL-12NEG-4KGPCM -12°C0°C / +2°C-20°C pdt 24h4555530*325*30Rigid540200
Eutectic plate -12°C GN1/2RE-PL-12NEG-2KGPCM -12°C0°C / +2°C-20°C pdt 24h2670325*265*30Rigid1040400
Eutectic plate -26°C GN1/1RE-PL-26NEG-4KGPCM -26°C< -22°C-30°C pdt 24h4555530*325*30Rigid540200
Eutectic plate -26°C GN1/2RE-PL-26NEG-2KGPCM -26°C< -22°C-30°C pdt 24h2460325*265*30Rigid1040400


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