The only gel that can be transported and stored flat, ready to fill and use.

The JAW (Just Add Water) Pack is a flexible gel, filled by the end user, which is transported and stored flat. Ideal for users who need to keep a central stock to send out small quantities of gels point to point or to forward to a subsidiary for export.

Water is mixed with the powder in the sachet to thicken instantly. It is then left until frozen solid.

  • Delivered flat 
  • Store flat 
  • Reusable Attractive
  • Available as a backup
  • Economical when supplying multiple sites from a central store 
  • Easily disposable after use
  • One size only – dimensions: 235*164 mm
  • 400 to 800 ml capacity depending on quantity of water added 
  • Weight: 14g
  • Available in <100 units from our showroom 
  • In packs of 1000

Instructions for use :

  • Once filled, wait for the powder and water to mix. After a few minutes the gel will be fully formed. 
  • Keep horizontal during the freezing process.
  • Do not swallow the powder.
Item nameCOLD & CO ReferencesLiquidCold releasedLoad temperatureWeight (g)Dimensions (mm) (WxL)Pre-freezing textureUnit / boxBox / palletUnit / pallet
GEL IN POWDERRE-JAP-680G-FRThickened Water+/-0°C-20°C for 24h680234*164Flexible10003030 000


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