Shopping trolley Covers

Caddy covers provide thermal protection to caddies or other logistical handling cases such as retail crates and boxes. Robust, flexible, washable and heavy duty, this cover easily fits over your temperature sensitive products.

Our shopping trolley covers are adapted to the protection of your thermosensitive products during disruption of your cold chain. During transit areas for reloading or distribution, the caddy cover provides additional insulation to limit the cold losses of your product.

This product consists of a washable and waterproof outer cover encasing an isothermal foam of variable compositions according to your needs.

This flexible and lightweight cover easily fits over caddies, shopping trolleys or other logistic handling cases. They also easily fold out for flat storage with a minimum footprint.

  • High performance thermal insulation
  • Easily fit logistic trolleys and containers
  • Robust
  • Washable
  • Minimal space with flat storage


For customization, contact our sales teams.


A few hours depending on the logistic configuration used..


ambient, fresh and frozen