Insulated Covers

Thermal protection covers are robust, heavy-duty and invaluable during handling phases, they can be fitted over your rolls, containers or pallets, and contribute to thermal protection for a period tailored to your operational needs.

    Our insulated covers are designed to protect your products at controlled temperatures (negative cold, positive cold and ambient) over a period varying from a few hours to several days, depending on the configuration of your transport environment.

    These covers are essential during handling phases in the warehouse and minimise the loss of frigories from and the effects of atmospheric pressure on your products while in transit. 

    This product will fit different sizes and heights of pallet, roll, caddy or container.

    This product has an exterior and interior cover (nylon or PVC) housing an insulating foam tailored to suit your requirements. 

    Thermal protection covers are robust, and designed for single or intensive use. 

    • Light
    • Single use or reusable
    • Adapts to the shape of the container
    • Robust
    • Washable
    • Customisable
    • Economical


    Standard :

    • 1000 x 1200 x 1000
    • 1200 x 800 x 1600


    PERIOD :

    Variable depending on model type and supply chain configuration (transport).


    -20ºC /0°C +2°C/ +2ºC~+8ºC / +15ºC~+25ºC

    Item namesReferences COLD & COExternal dimensions (mm)Volume (in litres)ColourMaterialWashableReusableWeight (kg)Wall thickness (in mm)Number of surfaces
    Insulating Cover EUR palletHI-HOP-12001000120010001200LBlueNylon / PVCyesyes2kg/ m25mm5 or 6 surfaces
    Insulating Cover EUR palletHI-HOP-1600120080016001536LBlueNylon / PVCyesyes2kg/ m25mm5 or 6 surfaces


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