Delivery Crates Covers

Double U covers provide thermal protection to your retail boxes. Robust, flexible, washable and heavy-duty, this 2-components cover fits easily in your crates.

Our double U covers fit your retail boxes and crates and bring thermal protection to your heat-sensitive products over several hours, either in fresh or frozen temperature.

This product consists of a washable and waterproof outer cover encasing an isothermal foam of variable compositions according to your needs.

The two U-shaped components of this flexible cover easily fold out for flat storage with a minimum footprint.

  • High performance thermal insulation
  • Adaptable to the shape of retail boxes and crates
  • Robust
  • Washable
  • Minimal space with flat storage


Standards: retail boxes and crates with 600 x 400 x 314mm dimensions. Thickness 3 cm.

For customization, contact our sales teams.


From a few hours to more than 24 hours depending on the logistic configuration used.


warm, ambient, fresh and frozen