Flexible Gels

Flexible gels provide a unique solution for your disposable cold charge requirements.

    Whatever your pack type, a cold charge such as eutectic gel is invaluable for conserving your fresh products. They are used in conjunction with an insulated pack, insulated box or coolbag.

    COLD & CO uses its gel expertise to offer complete insulation solutions for transporting your heat-sensitive products. COLD & CO provides different types of gels which offer unique benefits and features.

    Our flexible gels are all high-strength to minimise the effect of any impact.

    The exterior envelope can be transparent, opaque, printed or, if necessary, made from an absorbent film to create an “absorbent” envelope. They are chiefly used to keep your products in positive cold and ambient conditions.

    They can also be used as a separator or buffer gel between a frozen gel and a delicate product. For this purpose we offer flexible covers containing hydro-bubble gels made with distilled water. 

    • Lighter, as there is no rigid shell required
    • More economical
    • Single Use
    • Customisable
    • Attractive

    All of our gels can be delivered frozen.
    All of our gels can be branded with your logo.

    Item nameCOLD & CO ReferencesLiquidCold releasedLoad temperatureWeight (g)Dimensions (mm) (WxL)Pre-freezing textureUnit / boxBox / palletUnit / pallet
    Flexible Eutectic Gel 1,000gRE-GES-1KG-FRThickened Water+/- 0°C-20°C for 24h1000150*286Flexible1540600
    Flexible Eutectic Gel 750gRE-GES-750G-FRThickened Water+/- 0°C-20°C for 24h750150*266Flexible2140840
    Flexible Eutectic Gel 500gRE-GES-500G-FRThickened Water+/-0°C-20°C for 24h500150*200Flexible32401280
    Flexible Eutectic Gel 250gRE-GES-250G-FRThickened Water+/-0°C-20°C for 24h250150*152Flexible60402400
    Flexible Eutectic Gel 175gRE-GES-175G-FRThickened Water+/-0°C-20°C for 24h175150*100Flexible84403360
    Absorbent Flexible Eutectic Gel 1,000gRE-GET-1KG-FRThickened Water+/- 0°C-20°C for 24h1000150*286Woven1540600


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