Electronic Indicators

Electronic Indicators

Track your temperatures and humidity in real time – Peace of Mind – Safety – Monitoring

COLD & CO offers a wide range of wireless temperature indicators and multi-format data transmission: RFID, GPRS, USB and visual display.

Our turnkey solutions include temperature logs that provide managers with real-time and post-event checks of the history and alerts for a package, fridge-freezer, vehicle, cold room or warehouse.

Our solutions go beyond monitoring the temperature of the product and/or its container by tracking humidity and impacts for either foodstuffs or pharmaceutical products.

Built on solid technological foundations, COLD & CO can also devise a bespoke wireless solution (based on a specific customer requirements document).

Through its partners, COLD & CO possesses a wide expertise in sensor interfacing.

  • Easy to read
  • Access to monitoring tools via the Cloud from a PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Set up alerts
  • Single use or reusable

Temperature reading :

  • Negative
  • Positive
  • Ambient

Data transmission: RFID, GPRS, USB, Visual 

Direct integration with an information system


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