Solutions tailored to caterers and delivery people.

Secure, economic, sustainable and efficient transport thanks to optimum insulation.

Our extensive range of insulated Polypropylene expanded (PPE) containers are mainly tailored to food sector professionals (caterers, delivery people, and craft workers).

Our reusable isothermal containers meet the various constraints of transport and storage for temperature management and respect of the cold chain. Robust, durable and lightweight, these isothermal containers are practical for everyday use.

Temperature maintenance in the PPE insulated containers is provided by a large range of dedicated eutectic plates, whose dimensions are perfectly in line with the GN eutectic plate range (hot or cold) and GN minitrolley for easy delivery.

Gastro Norm GN1/1 isothermal containers in expanded polypropylene come in standard dimensions adapted for the transport of hot, cold or frozen food thanks to excellent hygienic and thermal insulation (-40°C to +120°C) (Dish-washer safe, HACCP standards).

The 60 x 40 cm isothermal container range are available in standard (gastro-norm) dimensions mainly tailored for the bakery/pastry sector, but also more generally for large load capacity isothermal transport.

  • Recyclable
  • Modern and attractive design
  • Light
  • Surface resistant material
  • Tightly closing lid
  • Top or front loading
  • Easy grip design
  • Complies with catering standards (dishwasher safe HACCP standards)
  • Complies with european standard 1935/2004
Item namesReferences COLD & COExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Volume (in litres)ColourDensityMaterialUpper refrigerant partitionWeight (kg)Wall thickness (in mm)Quantity / pallet
DistriFresh 7LCI-DIS-7-NEU3022522202401901557LBlack45g/lEPPNo+/-300g30108
DistriFresh 40LCI-DIS-40-NEU59839828253833821740LBlack45g/lEPPNo+/-1,7KG3032
DistriFresh 53LCI-DIS-53-NEU68548526062542520053LBlack45g/lEPPNo+/-2,4KG3020
Kangabox 39LCI-DIS-39-KGB60040029054034021739L5 colours60g/lEPPYes+/-1,7KG3028
Kangabox 48LCI-DIS-48-KGB60040033054034027048L5 colours60g/lEPPYes+/-2,0KG3024


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