The isothermal bag tailored to pharmaceuticals, clinical trials and reactive or infective products.

The DIAGNOCASE is a reusable solution for the transportation of pharmaceuticals, biological samples, organs, tissue or reagents or as secondary isothermal packaging for the transport of infectious products (ADR, IATA, RID, IMDG P650 guidelines)

Ideal for the collection, distribution, or local or regional delivery of temperature-sensitive products.

This solution consists of a 5 mm nylon/polyester external cover with a polyethylene foam liner, which covers a 6-sided polyurethane box (PU) of 30 to 60 mm thick.

Thanks to the PU performance (lambda 0.21), it guarantees product temperature maintenance for a variable duration between 12 and 120 hours. This solution adapts to various temperatures of transported products:

  • Cold
  • Sub-zero
  • Ambiant
  • Robust: It bears the brunt of transport (handling and …..)
  • Light (between 2 and 4kg)
  • Portable, thanks to reinforced handles on 5-sides
  • Thickness of the polyurethane insulation: between 30 and 60 mm
  • Long life: designed in a modular format it is possible to quickly and easily replace damaged or worn parts.
  • Maintains temp> 12 hours (max 120hr)
  • Easy maintenance thanks to its materials: the inner bag is completely waterproof and can be extracted for cleaning.
  • Easy transport and handling: compartments for documents and internal holders for ice packs.
  • Anti-slip
  • Delivered ready for use
  • Customisable with a logo or text

Options :Colour, PU dimension and thickness can be tailored to choice

Item namesCOLD & CO ReferencesExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Volume (in litres)ColourBagSealRemovable coverCustomised MarkingWeight (kg)Wall thickness (in mm)
DiagnoCase 5 LCI-DGC-5-COL2502502901801601805BlueNylon P650YesYesYes, min. 20 units0,96KG30
DiagnoCase 12 LCI-DGC-12-COL40030030032018021012BlueNylon P650YesYesYes, min. 20 units1,64KG40
DiagnoCase 22 LCI-DGC-22-COL45035035035025025022BlueNylon P650YesYesYes, min. 20 units2,00KG40
DiagnoCase 40 LCI-DGC-40-COL45045043035035035040BlueNylon P650YesYesYes, min. 20 units2,90KG40


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