The CarryTemp Cycle range meets the growing needs of last-mile urban logistics. CarryTemp cycle offers environmentally-friendly controlled temperature transport solutions for cargo bikes, scooters or motorcycles.

    The CarryTemp Cycle range provides urban delivery refrigerated solution for cargo bikes, scooters and motorcycles.

    Inserted on a metal base, in a box or on the cargo bike trailer, the insulated containers of CarryTemp Cycle are made of polyurethane panels with high insulation (Lambda 0.02W / mK) embedded in a double outer / inner cover made of PVC fabric.

    Supplied with hardware, the CarryTemp Cycle solution easily attaches to the decks of your cycles. Contact us for further study on your 2/3 wheels cycles.

    Equipped with internal pockets for eutectic plates, the CarryTemp Cycle keeps your products cool, deep-frozen or hot.

    Qualified on different AFNOR NF-S99-700 cycles for the transport of pharmaceuticals and biological samples. Thermal performance curves available on request.

    Flexible solution with simple insertion / removal on 2 and 3 wheels.

    Autonomous refrigeration (using eutectic plates) without fuel consumption or electrical connection.

    Ideal eco-friendly solution for last miles in urban logistics.

    No emission of particles or gases.

    Silent equipment.

    Robust, waterproof, washable and HACCP compatible.

    Item namesRéférences COLD & COVolume
    (in litres)
    External dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)FabricColourATP Cat C Froid +ATP Cat D Froid -Weight (kg)Panel thickness (mm)
    CarryTemp Classic 84LCI-CTP-84-NEU84760480470660360355PVCMatt RedOn processOn process6.940
    CarryTemp Classic SmallCI-CTP-PM-COL147147820680540670540400PVCBlueyesyes13.260
    CarryTemp Classic MediumCI-CTP-MM-COL246246820680800670540670PVCBlueyesyes16.760
    CarryTemp Classic LargeCI-CTP-GM-COL3603601140680800990540670PVCBlueyesyes20.660


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