The COLD & CO Extreme solutions are the most insulating single use solutions available for maintaining the cold chain over a long period.

COLD & CO Extrême products are manufactured with high density polyurethane (PU), because its low conductivity, resistance to impact and ultra-light weightmake it a material of choice.

High performance is necessary for the transport of temperature-sensitive products, whether in cold, freezing or ambient temperatures, for periods of over 60 hours or up to 144 hours, or under extreme Supply Chain ambient temperature conditions.

Our solutions from this product are frequently used and certified by our Pharma clients.

This material can be used for the creation of extreme customised insulation solutions (dimension, thickness) from small packaging to the protection of a pallet or a vehicle.

To meet your specifications, we can associate diverse types of eutectic gels to this product which has been customised to your measurements.

  • The greater the thickness and the density, the more insulating and airtight the material. We can create tailored dimensions.
  • The greater the thickness, the lower the eutectic gel load, making it a less cumbersome solution.
  • Easy o cut and extremely resilient.clients
  • Our assembly process and solution applications are regularly audited by our clients.
  • Waterproof
  • Recyclable product
  • Compatible with legislation on the transport of agri-food products
  • The outer packaging can be customised to client demand


1 to 172 usable litres


120 hours


-20ºC /0°C +2°C/ +2ºC~+8ºC / +15ºC~+25ºC


Segment : Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Air Freight, Export, Flowers, Foodstuffs, Chemical, Compounds
VolumeTemperature range (°C)DurationUseMaterialThicknessOuter packagingAssemblyBaseRefrigerantDistributionCertification
up to 1500 L< -55°CUp to 144hSingle usePolyurethane30 to 160mmBoxFlatPalletCarbonic IceActive Cold IATA
< -20°CReusableVIPPolypropyleneAssembledFootEutectic Plate/ GelPassive ColdCEIV
0°C / 2°CMixedMonoblockFlatMixedFoodstuffs
2°C / 8°CZipPCMGDP
15°C/ 25°C


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