Vision Clients


Imagine an Insulated Container tailored to your runs that matches your goods and the constraints of the journey!

Are you a controlled-temperature carrier of variable volumes of chilled and frozen products in delivery tricycles or alternative vehicles?

Do you need an economy of space and optimised charge rates in the various stages of your journeys?

COLD & CO Solutions – Negative Cold – Positive Cold – Ambient

In collaboration with our LAB, we will find the best off-the-shelf or bespoke quality technical solution available. 

We provide Insulated Containers designed for the dimensions of your transport resources.

Let’s take, for example, the CarryTemp range which has proven its worth to our clients in various respects:

  • Weight savings when compared with traditional solutions (insulated compartment and mechanical or electric refrigeration unit);
  • Excellent insulation, bespoke design on request, space savings and reduced fleet operating costs, CarryTemp boxes can be installed in any commercial vehicle.

COLD & CO is pleased to recommend its

Insulated Box – CarryTemp