Keeping the Cold Chain during the handling of messenger RNA vaccines against COVID-19

Exposure of Cominarty and Moderna vaccines to room temperature for more than 3 minutes is irreversible as the vaccine is considered thawed. It can't be re-frozen. In January 2021, the Cold Health Commission “Covid-19” of the "Association Française du Froid" (AFF) published several understanding notes, information and good practices of the cold chain around COVID-19 vaccines. 1. Pfizer BioNtech and
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Cyclo-logistics and soft delivery modes: what solutions to deliver fresh products?

The COVID-19 event accelerated a changing logistics: home delivery. The energy transition had already pushed the development of soft deliveries with 3 objectives: Decongestion of the city centre; Reduction of noise pollution; Reduction of gases, pollutants and particulates related to fuel consumption. In the case of food e-commerce, an additional dimension is added: cold chain management. How to deliver fresh
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COLD & CO wishes you a happy new year 2021!

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A messenger RNA vaccine against COVID 19, what impact on the cold chain?

Since November 9, several laboratories have announced the development of a vaccine that is more than 90% effective. Pfizer-BioNtech laboratories present their first results obtained on a messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine. What is the principle of this vaccine? What impact on its cold chain?est le principe de ce vaccin ? Historical vaccines with infectious agents Historically, the first vaccines were
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Distribution of heat-sensitive health products – How to maintain the temperature?

A topical challenge with the upcoming distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine The development and distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine raises several questions about the logistics of distributing health products. The challenge concerns both the number of doses to be dispensed, the countries and manufacturing sites, but also the temperature range to which the product will be subjected. In fact, vaccines,
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Refrigerated transport: what alternative to renting a truck or fitting out a refrigerated vehicle?

The choice between buying / renting a refrigerated transport vehicle and fitting out your van can be a decision with serious consequences for the profitability of your delivery system. COLD & CO advises you. Ask yourself the right questions Before choosing your refrigerated transport method, it is important to learn about the specifics of each system. Study your refrigerated transport
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Food e-commerce: how to ensure the delivery of fresh and frozen products?

As a player in food e-commerce, you may be wondering how to maintain the cold chain during the delivery process of your fresh and frozen products. COLD & CO guides you to ensure express home delivery! The delivery of fresh and frozen products: a problematic in 3 axes The problem of delivering fresh and frozen products is not easy. It
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