Solutions for transport of COVID 19 vaccine.

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With over 15 years of experience COLD & CO is an expert in the last mile of cold chain management for the food, pharmaceuticals, transport and logistics industries.

Supporting professionals to allow transport of their products with controlled cold chain

How to set up your cold chain correctly?

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COLD & CO helps you associate with…

COLD & CO, expert de la chaîne du froid, vous accompagne dans le choix de votre conteneur, sac, glacière, isothermes de votre réfrigérants, plaques eutectiques, gel pack, et de votre indicateur et enregistreur de température

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It is COLD & CO customers who best define our solutions

“At a time when logisticians have to innovate on a daily basis to adapt to the constraints of cities, FM Logistic has developed a” sustainable “partnership with COLD & CO. We particularly appreciate their environmental commitment, their expertise aimed at respecting the cold chain and their ability to imagine our citizen future ”

Director of urban logistics solutions – FM Logistic

“As part of the deployment of urban food delivery, Stuart and COLD & CO have implemented innovative systems to maintain the cold chain. Drawing on its expertise, COLD & CO has created insulated boxes for Stuart suitable for electric vehicles to keep the cold. We particularly appreciated the professionalism of the COLD & CO team” .

Operations director France – Stuart


Our job? Protect your temperature sensitive products.

We listen to your needs and design containers adapted to the operational constraints of your cold chain, particularly over the last mile.

For you, we are looking for new materials that are more insulating, more efficient, more eco-friendly. Come and discover our Kraft, Cotton or inflatable solutions!

A cold chain adapted to new urban logistics? Cold & Co adapts its containers to offer you solutions that can be delivered by bike, scooter, clean vehicle.

Our solutions are tested in a certified laboratory and guarantee precise performance in order to validate the requirements of the regulations in force.

Food industry? Cold & Co supports you in certifying your cold chain according to the requirements of the Agreement on the Transport of Perishable Foodstuffs (ATP).

Health? Cold & Co masters your needs on the 3 temperature ranges: ambient (15 ~ 25 ° C), fresh (2 ° C ~ 8 ° C) and frozen (<-18 ° C) and supports you to meet the GDP (Good Distribution Practices).

The cold chain has an environmental cost… but we can limit it!

Cold & Co is making concrete choices by offering reusable, recyclable isothermal bags with solvent-free prints, eco-friendly raw materials (cotton, kraft, inflatable); autonomous containers as an alternative to the mechanical refrigeration unit responsible for noise pollution and polluting emissions. And in addition, our productions are exclusively French or border!